EAB / New national arts organisation for England

New national arts organisation for England

On 1 April, as agreed by the Board, East England Arts formally merged with the Arts Council of England and the nine other Regional Arts Boards to form a single legal entity to lead the funding and development of the arts in England.

In the short term, not a lot will change as result of the merger. We continue to operate under our existing name and brand and we are the same people doing the same job in the same place. Any contracts or investment agreements with East England Arts have transferred with us to the Arts Council, as have any rights of East England Arts under such contracts. Accordingly, payments to East England Arts should in future be made to the Arts Council of England (East England Arts), which is also the name you will now see on cheques issued by us.

We are continuing to deliver our Corporate Plan, Going for Growth 2001-2004 and our services to the arts in the region remain unaffected. In the longer term we will be considering how to provide some of our services across the country to make them simpler to access and to capitalise on the benefits of being a single organisation. Any changes will take a while to achieve, but we will provide updates as work progresses.