EAB / East England Arts awarded European Funding

East England Arts awarded European Funding

East England Arts has been successful in securing £25,000 from the European Social Fund to support two important projects in the region.

The cultural sector currently makes a £60 billion contribution to the national economy, but there is a dearth of labour market information both nationally and regionally on the sector. To help quantify and promote the importance of the sector East England Arts will use some of the funding to undertake labour market research in the Eastern Region.

This research will look at the number of arts organisations and the number of people economically active in the arts in the Eastern Region, it will also research the number of people entering the arts industry and the range and level of qualifications of people working in the arts. Its aim is to provide a coherent picture of the existing and emerging skill training needs to help East England Arts to develop policies and programmes that are of a high standard and best meet the needs of the arts sector.

This research will complement national research to be carried out at the same time by Metier, the National Training Organisation for the Arts and Entertainment Sector. The information will help to promote and quantify the importance of the sector to GO:East, the East of England Development Agency and the regional Training and Enterprise Councils and Business Links.

In addition funding has also been secured in order to support up to eight arts organisations (the majority of them with no more than ten staff) in the Eastern Region in the training and development of their staff. The funding will allow for the appointment of a consultant to encourage organisations to take a strategic approach to training, through training needs analyses, planned training linked to business plans, appraisal systems and training reviews.

The European Social Fund (ESF) is one of three Structural Funds designed to strengthen the economic and social cohesion of the European Union. ESF aims to improve employment opportunities in the EU by improving people’s employability and skills. East England Arts has secured funding through Objective 4, which aims to provide support for workers having to adapt to industrial change.